Creative Learning Experiences

Each week, students focus on a letter and number of the week. We encourage creativity in thinking and learning about the letters we introduce, with activities like the Teddy Bear Tea Party for the letter T, a Pirates and Princesses dress-up day for the letter P, or the “wedding” to join the letters Q and U together forever. Creativity combined with curriculum creates not only a fun learning environment but also the foundation for eager, happy, excited students.

Daily Activities

Every day includes a balance of teacher-directed and child-selected activities that follow an age-appropriate kindergarten readiness curriculum. Teacher-directed activities might include story time, circle time, and sharing time along with phonics, pre-literacy, and pre-numeracy activities. Student-directed play may include any one of our hands-on learning centers that encourage fine motor skill development, creativity, and skill building.

Whole Child Development

We encourage artistic expression at every level through musical opportunities, drawing and painting, and dramatic play. Of course, stimulating outdoor play, which encourages the development of gross motor skills and includes time to run, climb, slide, jump rope, and exercise growing bodies, is a key part of our daily schedule. Nap time is a vital part of our day because growing bodies need a chance to rest. The combination of these activities and our focus on the development of the whole child provides them with key skills which help them succeed.

Social Skill Building

We encourage students to play, work, solve problems, and learn together. Our students work in groups regularly and participate in activities that encourage cooperation, learning the rules of fair play, and successful social interaction. Classes stay stable from academic year to academic year, building bonds of friendship and encouraging social stability.

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